We are Dennis and Daniëlle, the proud owners of Golden Sun studios and apartments. At the end of 2021 we took over the hotel from Spiros and Voula. Our first two summers as a hotel owner are over and we are still as enthusiastic as we were two years ago!

The tourism sector in Parga is very seasonal. That is why we spend our summers in Parga, but the winters in our Dutch home base Amersfoort. Fortunately, we have very sweet family and friends who like to stay in Golden Sun to look after our cats Siri, Alexa and Virus. Because even though they are ex-street cats, they love nothing more than attention (and food) in their own home.

Over the past two years we have put a lot of work into modernizing, (visually) greening and making Golden Sun more sustainable. We are far from done with that. Our goal is to be self-sufficient in the future and to make our ecological footprint as small as possible. Would you like to see how we do it? We cordially invite you to stay with us and enjoy our Greek paradise.