Sustainability measures

We regularly make adjustments in and around the hotel to make it even more sustainable. Do you have any ideas? Let us know!

  • Buying plastic bottles at the supermarket is not necessary with us. We have a water purification system that removes all chemicals and chlorine from the water. Our rooms have reusable drinking bottles that guests can use for free during their stay.
  • The sun shines a lot in Greece. Shame not to do anything with it! Our solar panels provide hot water by heating the boilers on the roof and return 33 MW to the electricity grid every year.
  • We wash the bed linen twice a week and the towels every other day unless the guest asks for an earlier wash. We do the washing with biodegradable detergent and hang the laundry outside, in the sun, to dry.
  • Sustainable and natural materials have been used as much as possible in the furnishing of the rooms. This applies to the furniture, lamps and shampoo, but also to the key cards that deactivate the power when you are not in the room.
  • We have a green garden with many plants and shaded areas. On the one hand, this ensures that the building remains cool and it also offers guests opportunities to cool down outside so that the air conditioning does not have to be turned on as much.
  • Recycling waste is difficult in Greece because a lot is lumped together anyway. We can contribute by reducing the use of plastic as much as possible and by choosing reusable materials.